Rental electric scooters prohibited in Paris, own e-scooter allowed

Elektrische Huur Stepjes Verboden In Parijs, Eigen E-step Wel Toegestaan - 7CHOCO

Many cities want fewer cars in the center. Offering rental scooters from companies such as Lime and Uber were a good solution for this. At least that's what they thought in Paris. Yet there is now a ban and all scooters are disappearing from the streets.

Why did the electric scooters have to go?

From September 1, you will no longer find electric rental scooters in Paris. Companies must clean up their means of transport and deploy them elsewhere.

Paris wrote a referendum in which the Parisians made it clear that they had a huge interest in scooters. What once seemed like a good idea turned out to be a complete disaster. Steps were placed everywhere where you just didn't want them. They block the stop or the road and in many cases the means of transport were on the road instead of being neatly put away.

In addition, many accidents occurred with the users of the rental scooters. The mostly foreign tourists do not wear helmets, do not know how to use a scooter and do not know the traffic situation.

Electric scooters are allowed

Are all electric scooters now banned? No, the use of electric scooters is permitted. There are about 700,000 Parisians who have purchased an electric scooter themselves. Nothing will change for them in terms of regulations and they will even have more space on the road.

Buying an electric scooter like the 5Th Wheel V30 Pro is still a very good idea. Not only because this scooter looks very good, but it is also extra safe due to the built-in direction indicators at the front and rear.

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