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Discover our extensive range of Kugoo and Kukirin electric scooters, perfect for every style and need.

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We offer expert advice to help you find the perfect electric scooter to suit your lifestyle.

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Enjoy our excellent after-sales service, including repairs and maintenance for your electric scooter.

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Contribute to a greener planet with our environmentally friendly electric scooters.

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Customer testimonials

"As an avid electric scooter user, I have tried several brands, but 7Choco's quality and service surpass all. My Kugoo scooter has transformed my daily commute. Highly recommended!"

Jan Pietersen

"Riding my Kugoo scooter around town has never been more exciting. It's fast, reliable and stylish. Plus, the battery life is incredible. 7Choco's customer service was top notch, which made the whole purchasing process a breeze."

Linda Verbeek

"I was skeptical about switching to an electric scooter for my daily travels, but the Kukirin scooter from 7Choco has changed my mind. It's eco-friendly, easy to use and very affordable. I'm doing my part for the environment and saving money on petrol!"

Mohamed Al Fayed

"The selection at 7Choco is second to none. I found the perfect Kugoo model that suits my needs and style. The performance of the scooter exceeds my expectations and it has become my favorite for quick errands around town."

Emily Johnson

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