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Welcome to iDEAL in3 - Easy payment in installments

In our webshop we strive to provide the best shopping experience and flexible payment solutions. That's why we're introducing iDEAL in3: a handy way to divide your payments into three installments, without extra costs. Let's delve deeper into iDEAL in3 and discover how it helps you manage your budget better.

What is iDEAL in3?

iDEAL in3 is an innovative payment method that allows you to pay for a purchase in three equal installments, without additional costs. This means you can enjoy your products immediately, while the costs are spread over a longer period of time, helping you better manage your finances.

Advantages of iDEAL in3

  • No interest, no costs : With iDEAL in3 you pay no hidden costs or interest, for a transparent and fair payment experience.
  • Enjoy your purchases immediately : Buy today and receive your products immediately, without waiting.
  • Better cash flow : By paying in installments, you can manage your cash flow more flexibly and organize your budget better.
  • Simple and fast approval process : Choose iDEAL in3 at checkout and you will immediately know whether your payment plan has been approved, without complicated procedures.

How iDEAL in3 works

1. Choose iDEAL in3 at checkout: Select iDEAL in3 as your payment method, where a quick check of your details will be performed.

2. First payment & shipping: Make the first payment (one third of the total amount) via iDEAL, and your order will be shipped immediately.

3. Subsequent payments: You pay the second installment within 30 days, and the third installment within 60 days. We will send you timely reminders to ensure that you do not miss a payment.

Start with iDEAL in3 today
Choose iDEAL in3 and enjoy your shopping experience while easily managing your budget. Start exploring our products now! If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact our customer service.

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