Your Peace of Mind, Our Dedication

Warranty Commitment

✅ Standard Electric Bicycles & Scooters:

Our commitment is solid with a 24-month warranty on primary components, ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your ride.

✅ Specific Products:

(e.g. outlet versions, showroom models), We stand behind these with a 12 month warranty, testament to our confidence in their quality.

✅ Battery Warranty:

Batteries power your journey, and we back them with a dedicated 12-month warranty.

✅ Accessories:

All our accessories come with a 24-month warranty.

Service Solutions

🧰 Do it yourself:

Small problems should not disrupt your day. Consult our DIY repair guides and videos and solve them at your own pace, with our expert guidance
just a phone call away.

⚙️ Expertise in Hoofddorp:

Our service center in Hoofddorp, staffed by professionals trained directly by suppliers, is waiting for your visit. Schedule an appointment and experience our premium service first-hand.

⚒️ Local Dealer Service:

For those urgent or unexpected repairs, choose our local dealer service option. Inform us of the estimated repair costs and after our approval, have your ride repaired closer to home. We are committed to covering all or part of the costs, ensuring a hassle-free experience
experience for you.

Repair & Maintenance Process

Contact us with:

Product details

Order information

Detailed problem description

Images of the affected components

Video showing the defect

Our Response:

Minor Issues (Under 1 hour repair):

Choose between our DIY guides or a visit to us
service center.

Major Repairs (More than 1 hour):

Plan a visit to our center. If repairs take longer than an hour, we offer replacement bicycles or e-scooters to ensure your mobility is not compromised. In certain cases, local dealer service may be requested for your convenience.

Significant or Artificial Damage:

We offer a transparent repair cost estimate.
Once agreed, rest assured that your product will be restored to its prime.

Service & Collection at Home:

For €39.99 you can enjoy a check-up, basic repair and...
maintenance service directly at your front door. This fee includes transportation of your ride to our service center if repairs take longer than one hour.

Loan program:

For repairs that take longer than five working days, choose a free rental e-bike or e-scooter. Or take advantage of a daily rental for €14.99 to stay mobile.

❗Important Notes:

• Artificial damage may incur additional repair costs.

• Warranty does not cover commercial or unintended use

• Warranty is void if maintenance guidelines are not followed
followed or if non-approved parts/accessories are used.

Always Driving Next to You: At 7CHOCO we believe in green mobility, value for money, and above all, unparalleled service. Our dedicated team is always ready to help, ensuring your driving experience remains smooth and worry-free.


7 ChocoMaintenance

Why Maintenance

Long Lifespan and Performance:

Regular maintenance extends the life of your e-ride, ensures that it performs optimally and optimizes battery efficiency.


Ensures that all safety functions function correctly for a safe driving experience.


Prevents major repairs that can be expensive in the long run.

Peace of mind:

Maintenance keeps your e-ride in top condition, for peace of mind on the road.

Maintenance schedule

First Check:

After the first 100-200 km or one month of use, whichever comes first.

Routine maintenance:

Every 500 km or six months, to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Yearly maintenance:

Extensive inspection and maintenance every year or every 2000 km.

Maintenance Process:


Thorough inspection of all components for wear or tear
identify potential problems.


Complete cleaning to ensure smooth operation and
prevent accumulation of dirt and grease.


Lubricate moving parts to reduce friction and prevent premature wear.


Making necessary adjustments to brakes, gears and other components to ensure optimal performance.

Battery Check:

Testing the health of the battery and making sure it is properly charged.

Software updates:

Updating the software to the latest version to improve performance and security features.

Maintenance packages:

Choose our maintenance package for €69.99 per session. Add it during purchase for just $19.99 for the first session. This offer remains available for 30 days after purchase.