In 2020, an extraordinary year, 7 Choco was born. It emerged from a group of visionary founders who originally ran diversified import and export operations at Hooli Global Holding. But when the pandemic shock hit the world, and the way of living and working radically changed, they realized that change was needed.

7 Choco did not initially exist in its current form, but was a company focused on consumer devices. During the pandemic, demand for these devices soared, especially for devices that support remote working and learning. The team picked this up sharply and quickly met market demand via online platforms such as Amazon and Bol.com. This step not only helped them get through the difficult times, but also laid the foundation for the future development of the brand.

Over time, the team began to rethink their business direction. They noticed that while demand for consumer devices continued to grow, the industry was highly competitive and lacked long-term sustainability. This led them to turn their attention to electric travel and outdoor living - an area that resonates with their belief in green, healthy lifestyles and has enormous growth potential.

The name 7 Choco is meaningful

“Choco” comes from “chocolate,” which suggests that every customer experience on this platform should be sweet and satisfying, like enjoying chocolate. The "7" represents the brand's seven core values, values ​​that are their promise to customers and the foundation of the brand.

7 Choco never stopped pursuing excellence

Despite the original team consisting of only four members, 7 Choco has never stopped pursuing excellence. They faced challenges that came not only from market competition, but also from internal operational pressures. But it is these challenges that have shaped 7 Choco's innovative and resilient brand spirit.

The mission and vision of the "7 Choco" become

The mission and vision of the "7 Choco" are not only reflected in their strategic
decisions, but are also visible in every detail of their daily operations. From eco-friendly packaging to responsible supply chain management, from promoting green mobility to supporting sustainable outdoor activities, 7 Choco strives to be a platform that is responsible for society, the environment and truly focused on users and service.

The 7 Choco

Today's 7 Choco goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional platform. It
embodies a philosophy, a community that promotes a healthy lifestyle, nature and sustainable development. Here, every customer feedback is treated as valuable insights, every product is carefully selected to ensure it is in line with 7 Choco's high standards and values.


7 Choco Mission

“At 7 Choco, our mission goes beyond products and customer services. We are committed to shaping a greener, healthier future through our carefully selected sustainable products and unparalleled customer experience, encouraging and promoting eco-friendly travel and outdoor living. We firmly believe that By educating, empowering and supporting our customers, together we can create positive change for the planet. Our promise is to demonstrate integrity, transparency and a commitment to excellence in every interaction, ensuring that our customers don't just get the products they want. they need, but are also part of our green mission."


7 Choco vision

“Our vision at 7 Choco is to be the bridge and catalyst for change towards a green lifestyle. We see a world where green travel and outdoor activities are no longer a choice, but the standard for living. Through continuous innovation, expanding the product range and optimizing the customer journey, we are committed to fueling the power of community to co-create a more sustainable and prosperous future. Our goal is to be a trusted leader, leading our customers and community into a more environmentally conscious and to lead a higher quality of life."