Unique Concept from 7 Choco

Innovative Business Model

7 Choco operates a business model that combines online platform, showrooms and service centers, reducing operational costs while maintaining a personal and customized customer experience.

Neutral Market Position

As a platform, 7 Choco does not favor certain vendors, allowing us to flexibly recommend the best products to our customers based on their needs and not on contractual obligations with specific vendors.

Transparent and Customer-Friendly Pricing

By reducing operating costs and accepting only reasonable profits, 7 Choco can offer competitive prices while maintaining the sustainability of the business.

Customer-oriented Negotiation Strategy

7 Choco is willing to negotiate with vendors in the best interest of the customer, which underlines our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Extended Service

By partnering with various service providers, 7 Choco can provide consistent and high-quality service anywhere in the country.

Extra Attention to Product Quality

With additional quality controls, 7 Choco ensures that every product sold on the platform meets the highest standards.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

7 Choco is committed to promoting sustainability and social responsibility, in addition to the economic aspects of the business.

Clear Expression of Long-term Vision

By emphasizing its role as a bridge in the green mobility sector, 7 Choco demonstrates its long-term goals and commitment to customers and partners.