5TH WHEEL Thunder 2: The Ultimate Folding Bike for Urban Adventurers

5TH WHEEL Thunder 2: De Ultieme Vouwfiets voor Stedelijke Avonturiers - 7CHOCO

For the dynamic city dweller looking for a perfect blend of style, comfort and functionality, 7 Choco introduces the 5TH WHEEL Thunder 2. This innovative folding bike is designed to fit seamlessly into your life, whether you're commuting, relaxing or exploring the historic explores the city streets.

Compact and Ready for the City

The Thunder 2, with its sedan trunk ready design, is your ideal travel companion for after school or work. Built for fun and practicality, it's easy to fold, lift and store, even when you're short on space.

Man places a foldable 5TH WHEEL Thunder 2 e-bike in the trunk of a car, perfect for mobility in the Benelux.

Commuter Friendly Design:

Safety comes first with the Thunder 2, equipped with a front and rear lighting system, IP54 waterproofing and mechanical disc brakes. Whether you're going to the gym or exploring an old city road, this e-bike provides extra safety on your route.

Couple rides together on 5TH WHEEL Thunder 2 e-bikes, enjoying a ride in the green urban landscape of the Benelux.

Ultimate Cycling Experience

The reinforced aluminum step-thru frame and rear shock absorber guarantee high performance and durability. Accessible to riders from 140cm to 185cm, the Thunder 2 is a bike accessible to everyone.

Person rides a 5TH WHEEL Thunder 2 electric bicycle along an urban water feature, sustainable travel in the Netherlands.

A Harmonious Mix of Modernity and Convenience

The 5TH WHEEL Thunder 2 is a reflection of progressive and environmentally conscious living. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of our community, with versatile and advanced features that make it a practical choice for a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Person carries a 5TH WHEEL Thunder 2 electric folding bicycle, ready for transport in urban Netherlands.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Thunder 2

  • Advantages:

    • Detailed User Interface: Provides real-time ride data via an intelligent LCD display.

    • Compact and Convenient: Designed for easy storage and portability, ideal for city life.

    • Comfort and Smooth Riding Experience: Ergonomic padded seat and rear shock absorber provide a smooth ride.

    • Advanced Safety: Hydraulic brakes and integrated lighting for safe rides in all conditions.

    • Fully Legal and Compliant: Complies with all local and EU regulations.

  • Cons:

    • Fixed Height Handlebar: May not suit all height preferences.

    • Initial Paddle Activation Required: The motor requires an initial paddle activation to activate.

    • Limited to Paddle Assist: No pure electric mode.

Most important features:

  • Fully compliant with regulations: Complies with Dutch and EU standards.

  • High-quality Battery: 360Wh Lithium energy pack for a maximum range of 80 km.

  • Shimano 6-Speed ​​Shifter: Improved riding performance and sporty properties.

  • Ergonomic Padded Saddle: Designed for long rides without discomfort.

  • Lightweight and Foldable Design: Weighs only 22kg, ideal for storage and transport.

  • Enhanced Safety Features: Equipped with lighting systems and hydraulic brakes, IP54 waterproof.


The 5TH WHEEL Thunder 2 electric folding bike represents sustainable mobility and fits perfectly with the standards of our community. Whether you commute daily or enjoy leisurely rides, this e-bike integrates seamlessly into your life and offers a sustainable and efficient means of transportation. Visit 7 Choco and experience for yourself how the Thunder 2

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