Discover the Revolutionary Bezior M3: Your Stylish Key to Sustainable Urban Transport

Ontdek de Revolutionaire Bezior M3: Uw Stijlvolle Sleutel tot Duurzaam Stadsvervoer - 7CHOCO

In an era where sustainable mobility and stylish design are becoming increasingly important, the Bezior M3 Electric City Bike offers a solution for modern city dwellers. This advanced e-bike, exclusively available at 7 Choco, combines high performance with an attractive design. With the current super fast deal on 7 Choco, it's the perfect time to discover more about this top choice in electric city bikes.

Optimized for Comfort and Performance

The Bezior M3 is distinguished by a powerful 500W brushless motor that ensures a smooth and efficient ride. Ideal for the varied landscapes of the Benelux, this engine offers enough power for both the urban jungle and more rural environments. The 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery enhances this experience by providing a range of up to 60km on a single charge, perfect for daily commuting or weekend adventures.

Black Bezior M3 e-bike with aviation-quality aluminum frame and brown saddle, ideal for sustainable travel in urban Netherlands and Belgium.

Advanced Gear System and Robust Tires

Every Bezior M3 is equipped with a reliable Shimano 7-speed gear system that allows seamless transitions between different speeds. The 26*2.1 inch CST tires are designed for maximum stability and comfort, regardless of the surface. This makes the Bezior M3 suitable for both the paved streets of cities and the unpaved paths in nature.

White e-bike parked outside in an urban environment, highlighting the accessibility of electric bicycles in the Benelux.

Safety and Sustainability

Safety comes first on the Bezior M3, with front fork suspension for a smooth ride and mechanical disc brakes for instant stopping power. These features ensure a safe and comfortable ride in all conditions. In addition, the IP65 water resistance emphasizes the durability of the bicycle, a crucial factor in the changeable climate of the Benelux.

Stylish Bezior M3 electric bicycle in side profile, equipped for comfortable rides in the Benelux, with an emphasis on ecological urban transport.

Stylish and Environmentally conscious

The Bezior M3 is not only practical, but also an example of modern design. This e-bike appeals to the fashion-conscious cyclist, without sacrificing environmental awareness. By choosing an electric bicycle, you contribute to the reduction of urban pollution and promote sustainable mobility solutions.

Three-quarter side view of a white e-bike with brown saddle, parked in an urban outdoor environment in Belgium.

Exclusive Offer on 7 Choco

The Bezior M3 is now available via an exclusive super fast deal on 7 Choco. This is an excellent opportunity for the smart consumer to enter the world of electric bicycles with a top model at an attractive price. Combining advanced features, style and durability, the Bezior M3 is an investment that pays for itself in comfort, efficiency and fun.


The Bezior M3 Electric City Bike represents a smart combination of technology, style and sustainability. Available exclusively on 7 Choco, today's super fast deal offers an unmissable opportunity for anyone looking for a high-quality electric bike in the Benelux. Step into the future of urban transport with the Bezior M3 and experience for yourself what this modern e-bike has to offer.

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