What requirements must an electric bicycle meet in the Netherlands?

Waaraan moet een elektrische fiets voldoen in Nederland? - 7CHOCO

The market for electric bicycles is growing very fast. We see that more and more people are replacing their old bicycle with a bicycle with an electric motor. Logical because this bicycle has many advantages. This way you need less force to move forward and you are less affected by headwind and slopes. The support of the electric motor helps you move forward.

The rules

You are not allowed to simply ride a bicycle with an electric motor on Dutch roads, there are rules for that. The purpose of these rules is primarily to guarantee safety on Dutch roads. The government in the Netherlands has clearly stated the rules on its website.
Many rules are the same when you compare it with the regular bicycle. You don't need a driver's license or third party insurance. Provide good lighting and reflection and you are good to go.
The electric bicycle as described in the rules means that you have to pedal to get moving. This pedal assistance gives you a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. As soon as the electric bicycle can start moving (for example by turning a throttle) and stay in motion, it is no longer a bicycle under Dutch law.
The electric motor on the bicycle may not exceed 250 watts. Here too, if the power is greater, it is no longer an electric bicycle.

Are other bicycles not allowed?

Bicycles that propel themselves or have a larger electric motor are not prohibited. What is not allowed is using them on public Dutch roads. There is an exception, if you present the bicycle to the RDW (National Road Transport Agency), they can inspect it and provide it with a registration. Your bicycle will then receive a license plate, just like the moped or scooter has them.

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