Which motor of three places to choose for my electric bicycle

Voor welke motor van drie plaatsen kiezen voor op mijn elektrische fiets - 7CHOCO

You're finally ready to buy an electric bicycle. Then choices have to be made. Which model do you take, which color and which brand. That very much depends on your budget and your preferences. Technical choices also have to be made, such as which motor you want on your electric bicycle.

Front, middle or back?
There are three places where you can find the motor on the electric bicycle. In the front wheel and that is the front wheel motor, on the axle and that is the middle motor and in the rear wheel and then we are talking about the rear wheel motor.
What are the advantages of each engine, and which one should I choose? We will explain it for you.

The front wheel motor
The name says it all, this motor is mounted in the front wheel. This engine is used less and less, and we only see it in the cheaper segment. The main disadvantage of the front wheel motor for the electric bicycle is that it significantly affects the driving characteristics of the bicycle.
Because there is more weight in the wheel, you notice this very much when cycling and steering. In addition, this engine is less able to monitor your driving behavior. If you slow down cycling because you are going up a mountain or have a headwind, the bike will not notice this. The disadvantage of this is that you do not receive extra support even though you do need it.

The mid-engine
The placement of the engine in the middle makes sense. Here the extra weight will have less influence and make the bicycle more stable. The motor can also monitor your pedaling movements and we are also talking about the extent to which you apply force. The engine can determine from this whether you need more or less support.
The mid-engine is now seen on many bicycles.

The rear wheel motor
This engine is close to the driving experience of the mid-engine. This can also monitor the rider's pedaling effort and thus decide how much support is needed. The rear wheel motor for an electric bicycle is less efficient than the mid-motor. This version must also often be combined with a derailleur and an open chain guard. That is less attractive and also gives rise to more defects, although in practice it will not be too bad.

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